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Our first Women's Brick Initiative workshop at Bricks Cascade

by JacQueline Sanchez |

We were so excited to put together our first Women's Brick Initiative workshop for the Bricks Cascade LEGO convention.

If you have been following our mission then you know that we want to gain forces with all the women who love LEGO and get them to do what inspires them by showing them what we do. You can say we are planting the seed of inspiration.

Alice prepared an amazing slide show explaining who we are. Shelly, Alice and I all had stations set up for everyone to rotate through.

I love teaching what I do, especially to girls and women who might otherwise be intimidated by tools. I love seeing a young girl hold a hammer and use tools with confidence.

We were so thankful for the wonderful women who participated. We had so much fun with like minded LEGO inspired women. I can not wait to do it again. Our next chance will be in Denmark...stay tuned : )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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