What an amazing year!!!

What an amazing year!!!

I am so thankful for what an amazing and prosperous year my business has had. I am so thrilled I get to do what I love everyday.

The highlight of the year was in September when I traveled to Denmark to exhibit in The Skaerbaek Fan Weekend- a LEGO show with builders from all over the world. I got to meet several of my customers and fans from around the globe! I met many LEGO executives that have admired my work from a far. I felt so honored!!  The LEGO company was very supportive of my work. I was able to go to the LEGO House, LEGO factory, and was given a back stage tour of the original LEGOLAND. Best of all Alice, Megan, Joyti and I introduced The Womens Brick Initiative to LEGO and they want to support our efforts!!

Traveling to Denmark was such a fabulous experience.  Denmark is so beautiful and the people are lovely. I can't wait to go back!  

Alice and I on line for the AFOL day at The LEGO House

Women's Brick Initiative at The LEGO Headquarters 


In December I traveled to Massachusetts to exhibit in the CraftBoston show. It was also a great excuse to be with one of my closest friends Petra and her family.  The show was a success and I was surprised to receive an award for Best Booth Design!

With Christmas behind us I do have to mention Valentines Day!! Treat yourself or forward my info to hint your loved one. If you are not signed up to my newsletter please do so, I will be having a promotion for Valentine's Day so you don't want to miss it.  

Thank you for all your support and for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to working with you more during this Wonderful New Year!

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  • REbecca bAllingall on Apr 25, 2020

    Gonna be hard to top 2019!! Happy new year!!

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