Women's Brick Initiative

Women's Brick Initiative


An idea is born

The Women’s Brick Initiative is an idea born out of the friendship of three women, Alice Finch, Shelly Corbett and myself. Our friendship is based on our mutual respect and our love of all things LEGO. We want to use our friendship and love of the brick to inspire other women and girls to join us and create using all aspects of the LEGO world.

 We are dedicated to inspiring girls and women to build with LEGO. We want to demonstrate that the simple plastic brick can be used in a variety of creative ways beyond traditional building. Through bricks, photography and jewelry we transform bits of plastic into items of beauty and magical worlds.

We gave our first workshop in Seattle in 2018  we will have another in March for the builders at the Bricks Cascade Convention 

For more info check out our website http://womensbrickinitiative.com/




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