JacQueline jewelry on LEGO® Masters!

LEGO masters

Watch LEGO® Masters 4th season premier this Thursday on Fox and Friday on Hulu to see my talented friends compete! I am so excited for them. I am honored they asked to wear my jewelry on the show! I admire both of them for their courage. I know they make a great team! Two strong, intelligent, and caring women.

Watch this fun intro video-

 I can't give away too much but on the show they are known as the "Pink Ladies". So let's see if you can spot all my pink jewelry on them


LEGO necklace on LEGO masters

Kelly is a well known, talented LEGO® artist. She has her creations in the LEGO® House Masterpiece Gallery in Denmark. Her attention to detail is impeccable and inventive. I met her at BrickCon years ago, where we instantly connected and she quickly became a supportive customer and now I count her as a dear friend. She is so generous to take me and my jewelry on this journey with her. 

Check out her amazing work on instagram and her website 


Emilee from LEGO Masters wearing JacQueline's LEGO jewelry

Emilee is the most energetic and happy person! She is a small business owner and the creator of The TRA Company. See her website to read her amazing story about how her business started. Before I met Emilee, we only knew each other on instagram. She was so supportive and excited about my work. It was great to finally meet her and see how passionate she is about everything she loves. I am grateful to have her on my side. She is a true gem!

Check her out on  instagram

Girls wearing LEGO jewelry in JacQueline's Studio

Here's the three of us in my studio to pick out the jewelry they wanted to wear on the audition!

Kelly Bartlett wearing jacQueline's LEGO jewelry on LEGO Masters

It felt like yesterday when LEGO® Masters called me and asked me if I wanted to be on the show. The only problem was that I couldn't build! LEGO® builders are amazing, what they come up with and how creative they are with the pieces is so incredible to watch. Since the show called me back in 2018, I knew I wouldn't be on LEGO® Masters, but I knew my jewelry would! And here we are! It's so exciting! ✨

Please join me in watching and cheering them on. Let me know what pieces you spot 👀


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