5 Creators making amazing LEGO® art!

5 Creators making amazing LEGO® art!

I have been so fortunate to be introduced to many talented LEGO® artists and builders over the years, many who have become my friends. Their collective creativity and playful sensibilities are infectious and whenever possible I trade my work or support them in their artistic journeys! Here are a few artists whose lego art brings me true joy! Enjoy.


Kelly Bartlett

Kelly is an award-winning LEGO® artist whose work is on display at LEGO® headquarters and The LEGO® House in Billund, Denmark. She has appeared in magazines, received multiple honors and awards, and has appeared on season four of the US television show, LEGO Masters.

I met Kelly at BrickCon years ago while we both were admiring a special piece – a clock made from LEGO® that actually worked. We got to talking, sharing, and then eventually Kelly become a customer and a dear friend.

When Kelly was on LEGO Masters, I was honored that she asked to wear my jewelry on the show! I am lucky Kelly and I both live in Portland so we can go out to lunch and swap stories! If you're interested, she does commissioned works, so definitely follow her on Instagram!


Jeff Sanders

Jeff is another Portland artists who I have connected with over the years at Bricks Cascade. His work is true genius – there’s no heat, no glue, or magic that binds them together, it’s just experimentation, imagination, and a lot of patience. He pushes the limits of what LEGO® art manipulation can achieve and his amazing LEGO® sculptures have been seen nearly 250 million times online – be sure to check out his YouTube channel to see him create his fantastic geometric art.


Shelly Corbett

From the day I met her, Shelly has advocated for me in every way! Our friendship started off by purchasing each others work, and we have shared many good times at various shows around the Pacific Northwest.

Shelly is a long-time art photographer residing in Seattle, but it is her passion for photographing toys that brings her much joy – especially LEGO® mini figures. Together, Shelly, Alice Finch, and I worked to create The Women’s Brick Initiative which brings a focus on building and creating with LEGO® to women and girls. Check out her out on Instagram to see all her beautiful images.


Brian Hanna

Brian, another Portland-based creator, and I met through a gallery owner who thought we'd hit it off due to our shared love of the brick. Since then, we have collaborated on pieces and supported each other's shared passion for LEGO® art. His Instagram is full of insight into how he builds his fantastic pieces.

He focuses on pop art imagery using tiny bricks. Each piece begins with a flat photo, but slowly evolves into a three-dimensional piece. He often starts inside out, beginning at the center of the face; the eyes, nose and mouth. It might involve a handful of colors, but usually develops into many layers of tints and shades to ultimately become a one-of-a-kind creation. 


Pen & Brick | Raymond Girard

Raymond grew up with LEGO® but never thought that later in life he would make unbelievable works of architectural LEGO® art. He studied interior design and architecture, eventually earning a living in business. Fast forward decades and his love of the brick re-emerged as a way to decompress. Today, his studio has, "more than one million pieces of Lego in more than 100 colours, all organized chromatically from white to black" and he has several large-scale installations on public display. While Raymond and I have yet to meet in person, we hope to collaborate in the near future... be sure and follow him on Instagram!

Stay tuned for more posts on the incredible LEGO® art I find, and the exceptional artists I meet!

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