LEGO jewelry bracelet with 2 x 2 LEGO bricks hand fabricated into sterling silver LEGO jewelry made with 2 x 2 pink LEGO bricks hand fabricated sterling silver bracelet LEGO jewelry worn by a model with red LEGO bracelet and 2 X 2  red LEGO pendant LEGO art jewelry bracelet fabricated with sterling silver and 2 X 2 blue LEGO bricks 2 X 2 dark red LEGO bricks made into modern LEGO art jewelry bracelet Purple 2 X 2 LEGO modern art jewelry bracelet hand fabricated with sterling silver 2 x 2 grey LEGO bricks set into hand fabricated silver modern, contemporary bracelet 2 X 2 dark green LEGO bricks made into modern, contemporary bracelet 2 X 2 orange LEGO brick set into hand fabricated contemporary art jewelry bracelet 2 X 2 light blue LEGO bricks made into a modern, contemporary art jewelry bracelet Rounded LEGO®  Bracelet

Rounded LEGO® Bracelet

Truly stylish women know the power of the bracelet and have several great ones in their accessories arsenal. Bracelets are the stealth accessory that pull an outfit together and make everyone ask, “Who is that?” when you stroll the gallery or sidle up to the espresso bar. This one is pretty special.

Fabricated sterling silver, brushed finish with sandblasted LEGO® bricks

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