National Jeweler : 7 pieces from JacQueline Sanchez

National Jeweler : 7 pieces from JacQueline Sanchez

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By Hannah Connorton | August 27, 2015

I hadn’t seen a Lego in quite some time, until designer JacQueline Sanchez reached out to me to share her Forever Young collection, her signature line that offers 50 pieces fashioned from Lego bricks and sterling silver.

Lego is derived from the Danish words “leg godt,” Sanchez told me, which means “play well.” In Latin, Lego means “put together.”

“I wanted to create something with color and have fun,” Sanchez said when I asked what made her want to work with Lego bricks. “At the time I was working with 18-karat gold and diamonds with a process of photo-etching on brass and roller printing on the gold, then fold-forming. The pieces were very sophisticated and I rarely would wear them myself, so I needed something to have fun with.”

Sanchez said it was a “eureka” moment when Lego came to mind.

“I ran to Toys ‘R’ Us to see what the material was like and if it (could) be worked with,” she said. “I started this journey thinking I was going to make pieces that made me happy. Now it turns out I make others happy too.”

Sterling silver cuff with a photo-etched finish and sand-blasted Lego with rivets ($350; all pieces in this blog are from the Forever Young collection and most are available in a variety of colors)

Made in brushed sterling silver with sandblasted Lego and a 3-point diamond ($250)

Sanchez said the most difficult part of working with Lego bricks is the imitation.

“Originally I thought (Lego) would sue me, but in 2007 they contacted me and embraced my work and invited me to be a member in their Lego Creation Nation. They are a wonderful company and the bricks are made so well--I can sandblast, cut and drill them,” she said.

Still, she’s noticed others have begun incorporating Lego bricks into their own jewelry designs.

“It has pushed me to expand and continue to grow and create new pieces,” she said.

Oxidized sterling silver with recycled Lego pieces, available in lengths of 16 and 18 inches ($120)

The “Madison” ring, made in oxidized sterling silver with a 3-point black diamond ($200)

Sanchez said the demographic for her Forever Young collection was very surprising.

“Teachers, parents, Lego fans, architects, people who like modern design,” she said. “Lego is very recognizable and connects many to their childhood or sweet memories of their children. I have been very fortunate to have customers from around the world order my work from my website. France, Germany, Luxembourg; it is pretty amazing.”

Brushed sterling silver and sandblasted cherry-colored Lego post earrings ($75)

The Tire ring, in brushed sterling silver with a rubber toy tire ($60)

Sanchez added that the Lego pieces are great to wear casually and dressed up.

“I have had customers purchase an engagement ring, a teenager wore a necklace to her prom and mothers wear a piece at the park with their children,” she said.

Made in brushed sterling silver with hinged backs, these “Heart” cufflinks feature sandblasted Lego ($175)

To find out more about Sanchez, or contact her about her line, check out her website at or email